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5 Keys to Healthy, Clean Water Management

a clean water swimming pool

These are the 5 Key points to a Healthy, Clean Water Management.

These outlines, in simple terms, are the steps necessary to ensure that your swimming pool has healthy, clean water and remains sparkling clear all year round.

For swimming pool water to be hygienically safe for swimmers, it must be properly sanitised. Chlorine, available in different forms remains the most common method of achieving this. But this is not enough. You will also need to filter the water and make sure it circulates adequately. You will need to clean the pump, filter and other equipment, and test the water regularly.

1 – Filtration For Clean Water

Adequate filtration is essential.
The water passes through the filter, is cleaned and returns to the pool.
The correct size of pump and filter is critical.

Swimming pool pump and filter setup
2 – Circulation

The water moves through the pool distributing the chemicals in the water.
The aimflow (s) should be aimed 30–45 degrees down. This will give you better chemical distribution and the water flow will not effect the performance of the pool cleaner.

3 – Cleaning

Clean the pump, filter and skimmer baskets weekly (more often if it is windy and there are trees or sandy areas around your pool).
The filter must be ‘backwashed’ for 3–5 minutes and ‘rinsed’ for 1 minute weekly.
If you are using a salt water chlorinator, clean the chlorinator cell weekly.
Clean with the pool skim net when required.

4 – Testing

Test the water on a weekly basis and maintain the following levels:
Chlorine         1.5 – 3.0ppm
pH             7.4 – 7.6
Have the water analysed at an authorised pool shop ‘laboratory’ once a month. This will save you time and money in the long run.

5 – Add chemicals For Clean Water

Add the correct chemicals in the correct quantities to give you safe, sparkling and algae-free water.
When dissolving chemicals, NEVER add water to chemicals.
ALWAYS add chemicals to water!
Never use a metal bucket when dissolving pool or spa chemicals.

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