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7 Ideas On How To Keep a Clean Pool

A sparkling clean pool

A beautiful sparkling clean pool ready for fun. A properly maintained pool will always be a source of relaxation and pleasure. This stunning pool was constructed using the handpacked concrete method and finished with Light Blue Quartsite. The pool is maintained using normal BioGuard chemical treatments, with the addition of regular use of BioGuard Scale Inhibitor which limits the scaling of white-colored calcium on the blue-hued pool walls.

Your Clean Pool Should Be a Source of Fun and Relaxation

For many pool owners trying to keep a clean pool becomes expensive and time consuming. But it doesn’t have to be like this. By following a good, basic program you can be sure your pool is always clean, clear, and ready for fun – without a lot of work.

Two Essentials To Keep a Pool Clean

There are two essentials for every swimming pool. It must have: proper filtration and it must have the correct chemical treatment to keep the water sparkling, clean, and enjoyable.

Make sure your pump and filter are operating properly and run long enough each day. Then your chemical treatment program will be able to do its best work. If the pump and filter aren’t working properly, the chemicals won’t work properly either. Pool water needs chemicals to control and eliminate contaminants. Bacteria, algae, perspiration and dust all affect the health and appearance of your swimming pool water.

The Importance of Balanced Water

In addition to filtration, proper mineral balance will make your basic pool maintenance easier and will prevent potential damage to your pool. Even tap water that’s safe to drink may not be right for your  particular swimming pool.

The easiest way to be sure your water is properly balanced is to have the water analyzed by a trained pool care professional. BioGuard authorized pool care centers have locations in a number of countries including the US, Australia and South Africa, providing computerized water analysis. Here trained staff can assist in working out just the right treatment plan – a personalized prescription just for your pool.

Pool Maintenance in Three Easy Steps

Once your water has been analyzed and balanced, the rest is easy as 1-2-3. For regular pool maintenance, there are three necessary treatments that keep the problems away and your pool ready for fun. The simple BioGuard 3-Step Program for pool care covers all three in an easy-to-follow plan:

Step 1: Sanitize the water with BioGuard stabilized chlorine products to ensure that bacteria is killed continuously

Many people think that chlorine is chlorine. The truth is, there are distinct differences in the types of chlorine available for pool water treatment.

Regular granular chlorine that is not stabilized will raise pH (the acid/alkaline balance) dramatically affecting the chlorine’s bacteria-fighting power and knocking the water out of balance. It also breaks down quickly in sunlight. So you have to add it more often. This form of chlorine may look less expensive up-front, but you will spend more time and money in the long run.

The solution to these problems is stabilized chlorine, a more effective form of chlorine which works 24 hours a day to give you a clean pool. It has a built-in sunscreen which protects it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so it lasts longer in the water. That means it can destroy bacteria continuously to make swimming pleasurable and safe at all times. With stabilized chlorine, you use less and get better value.

Stabilized chlorine is available in various different forms, these include Ultraswim granular chlorine, Swim Clear Floater, Smart Tabs and Swim Tabs which are both in tablet form for a clean pool.

Depending on your choice of application (automatic, skimmer, or manual chlorination), you can choose any type and you will get the same effective results.

Step 2: Remove all waste products and restore water sparkle with BioGuard Lite

In the basic 3-Step approach, the second step is known as oxidation or shock treatment. Even with regular chlorination, suntan lotions, cosmetics, perspiration, and other wastes build up in the pool water after heavy use, rain storms, or hot spells. They cause the water to cloud, encourage algae growth, make eyes burn, and cause unpleasant chlorine smells. Many people think it’s the chlorine that causes the smell in pool water and irritates their eyes. This is not the case. What happens is the chlorine combines with the nitrogen of swimmer wastes to form odors and irritating compounds. Shock treating the water every two weeks is the way to get rid of these compounds.

BioGuard Lite, in pre-measured bags, is recommended for this periodic treatment. Because the dosage has already been measured for you, you won’t risk adding the wrong amount of chemical. The result of shock treatment is sparkling, clear water free of microbes and other wastes.

Step 3: Prevent algae build-up with BioGuard Back-Up Algae Inhibitor

The final step in the 3-Step maintenance program is where many chemical programs go wrong. Some products claim to take care of everything, including algae in one or two steps. While chlorine alone does have power to fight algae, usually extra prevention is needed.

Algae is a form of plant life in the air, the soil … in fact it is everywhere. Because it is microscopic, at first you won’t notice it in your water. But algae grows explosively, and by the time you do see the little plants, they may have clogged your filter, clouded or turned your water slimy green, and attached themselves to all your pool surfaces.

Once algae takes hold, it can be expensive and time-consuming to get rid of. That’s why the third treatment step is an algae inhibitor.

BioGuard Back-Up does just that. It ‘backs up’ regular chlorination to prevent algae before it takes hold. It works on a wide range of algae types – and there are many. This will give you a clean pool.

If algae is already a problem, BioGuard also offers an extensive selection of troubleshooting algae killers to deal with the problem. Your BioGuard dealer can prescribe the right treatment for your particular type.

Testing the Water For A Clean Pool

In addition to a complete computerized water analysis offered by BioGuard Pool and Spa Centers, home test kits are also available. Regular testing helps to prevent problems and keep a clean pool in shape. Even though home testing is usually reliable. It’s a good idea to have your water completely analyzed by your professional dealer monthly. The more complete water analysis is recommended especially for opening and closing your pool at least once during the swimming season.

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