pool cover reel

The Big Cover-up for Winter – A Pool Cover

Whether you want to keep your pool water warm, reduce water evaporation or simply stop leaves from falling in the water, a pool cover will be a worthwhile investment. Kathryn Alexander takes a closer...
pool opening

Spring Pool Opening

How to Open Your Pool in Spring. In many parts of the world, including North America and the United Kingdom, we have to close our swimming pools during fall and then open them again in...
Save pool water

How Pool Owners Can Save Water

How to save Water and Avoid Costly Water Bills This Summer It pays pool owners to save water. Not only will you be doing your bit for conservation, but you will also prevent costly water...
A beautiful clean and clear pool maintained with a test kit

Keep Your Pool Water Clean With a Test Kit

Ten Minutes a Week is all it Takes to Keep Your Swimming Pool Water Clean with a Test Kit To the new pool owner, terminology like pH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity (TA) and chlorine residual...

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