How to Understand Pool Terminology

Pool-Speak - Pool Terminology 101 What Those Words & Phrases Mean. Does pool terminology sound like gobbledygook to you when you are discussing anything about your pool or spa with your pool guy or supplier? Well...
a clean healtyh swimming pool

Keys to Healthy, Clean Water Management

These are the Key points to a Healthy, Clean Water Management. These outlines, in simple terms, are the steps necessary to ensure that your swimming pool has healthy, clean water and remains sparkling clear all...
Pool pumps make clean water

Pool Pumps Are the Heart of Every Pool

Essential Equipment for a Clean, Healthy Pool All swimming pools need a good quality pump and filter to keep the water clean and healthy. This equipment is like the engine of a car and must be...
New pool with lion fountain

Hints for the New Swimming Pool Owner

Starting Up a Newly Constructed Swimming Pool Owning a new swimming pool can be a daunting experience. For months you pondered over what to build and who was the best person or company to build...

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