swimming pool built in the rocks

This Pool Is As Solid As a Rock

You could say this pool has produced tranquility between a rock and a hard place. Built on a landscaped platform 131 ft (40 m) above the road below, it was designed to compliment an eight...
pool with a stunning view

Swimming Pools With Strong Views

Main Picture Above: This award winning pool shows the impact a view can make, to get maximum use of your pool, exposure to the sun is even more important. This winning pool looks out...

How to Understand Pool Terminology

Pool-Speak - Pool Terminology 101 What Those Words & Phrases Mean. Does pool terminology sound like gobbledygook to you when you are discussing anything about your pool or spa with your pool guy or supplier? Well...
Beautiful night lit swimming pool

Lighting Up Your Life

Picture above: Pool lighting combines with lights in and outside the house to create a dramatic effect. Pool Lights On. Most swimming pools and spas are installed with underwater lighting which should be powered with...
Troubleshoot your spa and make it healthy & clean

Troubleshooting Your Spa

Troubleshooting For Spas Having a problem with your spa? This table will give you the possible problem and description with the cause and then offer a solution. Here is a SPA CLEAR CLEANSER that has over 1,000...
Jacuzzis hot tub indoor

A Hot Water Spa Is No Longer a Luxury

Relax and Recharge in a Hot Water Spa Once a luxury available only to the wealthy, a hot water spa or hot tub has become a focal point in many homes all over the world. There...
Natural hot water spa pool s

Soak Your Cares Away in a Hot Water Spa

Above: The best of both worlds. Natural hot springs are channelled into a series of handpacked concrete pools; a ramp at one end of the pool allows bathers safe and easy access. A Hot Water Spa...
Hot spa in the snow

Pleasures of a Hot Spa Soak

Tips to Ensure Your Hot Spa is Always Ready to Give You a Soothing Soak Studies show that most people wish they had more time in the day to relax. Unwinding in a spa is the perfect...

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