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Troubleshooting Your Hot Tub Spa – 8 Tips

Troubleshooting your spa and make it healthy & clean

Troubleshooting For Hot Tub Spas

Have a problem with your hot tub spa?

Our table gives you a list of possible problems plus descriptions, with causes. It also offers solution to help you solve your spa and hot tub problems.

Troubleshooting Problems we can help you solve

The hot tub water problems we list in our table are:

  • Cloudy water

  • Colored (or discolored) water

  • Irritating water (ie water that might irritate your eyes or skin)

  • Skin rash – and reasons why you might get a rash

  • Foam

  • Grease and oil contamination

  • Failure to get a chlorine or bromine reading

  • Too much chlorine or bromine in the water

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