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This Pool Design Is As Solid As a Rock

swimming pool design built in the rocks

Pool Design – Between a Rock & A Hard Place

You could say that this swimming pool design produces tranquility between a rock and a hard place.

Built on a landscaped platform 131 ft (40 m) above the road below, this swimming pool is designed to compliment an eight-story private dwelling in one of the world’s most sought after avenues.
a pool built in the rocksWhile the house offers a panoramic view of the Atlantic seaboard, the pool design of this gem makes it a centerpiece of the property. This follows an etensive renovation of the existing pool.

The Original Pool Design

The original pool site was established at the end of the garden, offering views of the platinum mile. This provided the designers with the opportunity to reflect the natural rock formation of the mountain behind it and create a cascading water feature flowing over natural granite boulders 20 ft (6 m) above the pool.

Natural Environment

“We wanted to create a sanctuary of peace and tranquility,” says the designer/builder “To create the desired effect, a key challenge was to work with the tons of granite and natural boulders and keep the surround natural. The pool was constructed using gunite, and we applied a charcoal marble plaster finish war applied to make sure it would compliment its natural environment.”
rocks cross over the poolThe pool is roughly 50 ft x 15 ft (15 m x 4.5 m) in size and it has a unique shape which fans at the widest point to create a substantial swimming area. Copings have been tiered and stepped so they are level with the swimming pool and create an illusion of floating slabs surrounding the pool.
This pool is as solid as a rock and is a cut above the rest.

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