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Swimming Pool Designs

Swimming pool designs

Above: Not exactly your everyday backyard, but a stunning pool created around and incorporating two huge boulders that were already on site.

Swimming Pool Designs for Your Backyard

If you are about to build a swimming pool in your backyard there will be many factors you will need to take into consideration including the wide variety of swimming pool designs available to you.

Swimming pool designs relate not only to shape and size and what the pool looks like, but also to the swimming pool construction method chosen, as well as to landscaping, decks and additional features you may like to add.

If you are going to build your own pool then you will look at swimming pool designs that are relatively easy for a DIY enthusiast to tackle. Generally these will be either:

  • A pool kit with a vinyl liner, or
  • A fiberglass shell.

There is no doubt that if you are going to get a swimming pool construction company to do the installation or construction for you, you will have access to a much greater selection of swimming pool designs. But many competent DIY pool builders have built incredible swimming pools that have lasted for many years. However, be warned, unless you have the capacity and skills to tackle this type of hands-on project, it is generally advisable to leave the task of building a swimming pool to the professionals.

Professionals who can Help With Swimming Pool Designs

Professionals who can help you with your swimming pool designs and/or swimming pool construction include:

  1. Specialist swimming pool construction companies.
  2. Architects who will draw plans for your pool and may or may not go on to oversee ongoing swimming pool construction progress.
  3. Landscape architects who are trained to incorporate swimming pool designs into a garden plan.
  4. Engineers who are experts trained to assist if your site is a difficult one, for example steeply sloping or with unstable soil. An engineer may draw plans for you or work with either an architect or a specialist swimming pool contractor.
  5. Sub-contractors who specialize in various aspects of pool building, like doing the gunite for instance, or handpacking a concrete shell, can be useful if you decide you want to take the DIY approach. Some pool builders will do part of the work for you.

If you are building a new home, it might be a good idea to ask your architect (if you are using one) to include a pool in his drawings. This way the plans for both your house and a custom swimming pool can be submitted to your local authority for approval at the same time. Otherwise any swimming pool designs will have to be submitted separately. The same applies to a landscape architect if there are other structures in your backyard that require formal plans.

A good swimming pool construction company will assist you with your swimming pool designs and submit the plans on your behalf.

These Books Below Are Only Two Of Many Pool Design Publications That Will Help You With Your Choice.

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