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Pool Lights Will Lighting Up Your Life – 6 bright Ideas

Beautiful night lit swimming pool

Picture above: Pool lights combined with lights in and outside the house to create a dramatic effect.

Get Your Pool Lights On.

Underwater pool lights are installed as part of most swimming pools and spas which should be powered with alternating current that does not exceed 12 volts. The entire installation, including the electric cable, must be waterproof and made of materials which will not corrode.

Pool Lights Installation

By law it must be installed by a licensed electrician. Lighting should also be strong enough to see a swimmer should he or she get into difficulties under the water.
Besides pool lights, garden lighting, which must also be waterproof and weatherproof, is also useful around pools and may be all you need to light up the surrounding area.
Careful thought must also be given to patios and entertaining areas which need to be properly lit. There are various options in addition to pool lights ranging from floodlights to portable garden candles.

Best Pool Light Ideas For Your Pool

Here are 5 pictures of the best pool lights for you to get ideas from:

Pool with lights at night

This pool above with a solid hardwood surround is fitted with a good selection of below water pool lights as well as lights along the deck for safety.

swimming pool lights with dark surround

This stunning pool picture was taken just after sunset and shows how well this pool lights can work. I love the crescent moon just above the horizon. If this was my pool I would have a few Solar garden lights along a pathway to the pool to prevent any tripping, stumbling and falling in the dark.

Even though this is a pool in a hotel or resort it does show how pool lights and other lighting in and around a pool can make such a huge difference.

Pool at sunset

How stunning and appealing is this swimming pool at sunset that is all set up for sundowner drinks and a relaxing cool-off swim.

These pool lights and other lights around this pool give this a really sophisticated look to this pool in this private enclosed area.

You can see a wide selection of POOL LIGHTS and EQUIPMENT HERE

These Pool Lights Will Give Your Pool That WOW! Factor

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