You Must Maintain Your Automatic Pool Cleaner All Year

Most people do not realize that a swimming pool is a highly dynamic environment and there are a number of factors that influence not only how the pool looks, but also how your pool accessories function. Water chemistry, the environment, bather load, heating and surrounding foliage can all have an effect on your pool and related accessories such as your automatic pool cleaner.
Auto Cleaner Inspect  - Maintain Your Automatic Pool CleanerLisa Koller, Zodiac Pool Care product manager says that although it is impossible to control the elements and other factors influencing your pool, you can take practical measures to make sure that over time, your automatic pool cleaner runs at optimal efficiency.
• Check your hoses for leaks by lifting the hose out while the cleaner is still running. If you hear a hissing noise then your hose has a leak.
• Always store your hoses in a straight line (not coiled) and in a cool dry place (away from direct sunlight) when not in use.
• Periodically inspect parts for wear. The flexi-foot, disc and defector wheel are the most critical. As the disc wears, it begins to curl at the outer edges. When the depth of the channels between the treads on the flexi-foot is  3 mm(.11 in) or less, replace the flexi-foot.
• Thoroughly clean the weir basket, pump strainer basket, cartridge filter, skim filter and/or sand filter on a regular basis to ensure optimum pool cleaner efficiency. Always disconnect the hose from the weir or vacuum line before backwashing your filter.

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