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Go Swimming Indoors in Your Living Room

Stylish Indoor Pool

Gracious living. Good looking and built for every season, this indoor pool is warmed with a heat pump. Constructed from handpacked concrete, it features a simple, yet stunning inlay of tiles in its floor, designed to mirror the lines of the pool and surround.

Unusual Solutions For an All-Year Swimming Indoors

Even though relatively few people opt for swimming indoors, this is an ideal solution for those wanting to go swimming all year round. Not only will the water be warmer, but the pool will be easier to maintain since it will be free of leaves and other wind-blown debris.

Pool in a kitchen
Plunge pool. Open plan living takes on a new dimension with a pool located right in the middle of the house.

In reality, though, only the larger house can accommodate an indoor pool – and most only have space for smaller plunge pools, spas and “swim spas” that allow you to swim against a powerful water jet.

Where to Site Your Pool For Swimming Indoors

The site or location of an indoor swimming pool will depend on the function it will fulfill as well as the needs of the people who will use it. If the pool is to be used for training or perhaps physiotherapy, you are unlikely to make it a focal point. Similarly, a hot water spa installed primarily for health reasons is likely to be used more often if it accessible from the bedroom or bathroom, rather than the living room.

Pool in covered patio
An Entertainer. A tiled surround is the perfect solution for a pool sited indoors, under thatch. Located alongside a built-in indoor barbecue area complete with television viewing, this is an ideal entertainment area.

At the same time, both pools and spas can become an interesting focal point of a room and a popular place for family and friends to gather for swimming indoors. Conservatories are a particularly suitable place to build spas and indoor swimming pools. While some people do site them in the living room, think carefully before making a decision. While you can certainly have lots of fun entertaining here, most people will want to avoid a constant scenario of soggy footprints on the carpet and a jumble of wet towels on the furniture or floor.

Add An Enclosed Area For Swimming Indoors

The primary issue when planning an indoor pool will often relate to the structure of the existing house. Even though it is easy enough to incorporate a pool or spa in a new home, it could become very expensive if you have to excavate through foundations to install the new feature. For this reason, a common solution is to add on an enclosed pool room … possibly a glass and timber extension or a galvanized metal structure with strong, transparent polycarbonate cladding.

Covered Swimming pool
Conservatory effect. Plants provide the perfect foil around a covered swimming pool. A tiled surround is both functional and attractive.

A pool on an enclosed patio adjoining the house may offer the best of both worlds for swimming indoors, and solar heating will ensure that you get maximum use from it.

Wherever you decide to site it, flooring will be a vital factor. It is wise to opt for tiles or some other practical and non-slip (but hard-wearing) surface. It is also important to allow for adequate ventilation, especially if the water is heated.

Executive Pool in lounge
Executive playroom. A particularly stylish indoor pool area leads from the lounge and out into the garden. A space alongside the pool accommodates gym and training equipment. A solar cover is used to maintain the temperature of the water.

Decorating a pool room can be a challenge. Any furniture needs to be water resistant and soft furnishings should be easily washable. Plants are an ideal decorating tool here, as they will immediately integrate an interior with the outdoors. You could even fill the room with pot plants, or if there is loads of light and sufficient space, consider building an indoor garden.

One way or another, there’s no reason not to go swimming indoors every day of the year wherever you live!

Inside Pool Play area
Fun out of the sun. This indoor pool is long enough to exercise and go swimming in. The shape is simple, yet elegant and a small, attractive fountain feature is framed within an opening at one end.

Below Are A Couple Of Options For That Indoor Feel. A Sun Room And A Solarium.

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