Expressing Views in Australia


Australia Pools – “Expressing Views”

The best designed swimming pools become part of the home, enabling users to both enjoy the aesthetics of their design and revel in the enjoyment pools can offer. This luxurious pool design is, along with the splendid contemporary house it partners, is tagged Expressing Views” by Urbane Projects, the company in Perth, Western Australia that designed and built it.

Three Levels

Built over three levels, Expressing Views has an elevated position that provides amazing river views. The house itself, with its architecturally grand roof design, commands immediate attention when you first see it.


And as soon as you get close, you cannot help but be intrigued by the sparkling clear, infinity pool with it’s colored mosaic walls.

Quality Finishes

The house itself has been crafted skillfully and only the best quality finishes have been used throughout. Inside and outside, there is a meticulous attention to detail. A masterpiece indeed.


Urbane Projects is known as a “premium boutique builder,” that specializes in both designing and building luxury homes in the Perth area. Steve Gliosca, the managing director, is a designer and a builder – which helps make the company unique.


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