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Unsurpassed Swimming Pool Style – 5 Reasons

swimming pool style

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Swimming pool style can be seen at the NSPI Pool Awards that takes place annually, showing the South African public just how many fantastic pools and designs there are in this country, at the same time proving that style and elegance abound. But the weather isn’t always kind, and both wind and rain can play havoc with our beautiful swimming pools and any attempt to garner swimming pool style. Below are 5 reasons.

When the wind and rain arrives

Imagine this scenario: there is a stunning house set back against the mountain with a rim flow pool overlooking the sea below. The entertainment area has been built to incorporate the pool as a central feature, with its crystal clear water. Beautiful. Now imagine this picture again as the wind and rain starts to blow and the dust settles on the water and leaves sink to the bottom.

The once warm water quickly cools down and the clear water becomes filled with debris. The heat pump works valiantly to replace lost heat and in the face of the combined assault of wind, heat pumps and sunlight, evaporation rises to concerning levels.

The Good News

But take heart. This unpleasant picture can quickly be transformed. Think of this same pool covered with a blue thermal cover manufactured to fit the pool perfectly. This is swimming pool style. At night the pool light creates a surreal blue effect through the cover while guests are entertained around the pool. So often, great effort and thought, not to mention expense, are spent on creating stunning pools and in heating them. And sadly, this is where it also often ends, with little or no thought on what happens to the pool every day. The good news is that there is a wide range of elegant and stylish covers that will suit almost every pool and every need.

Pool Water Heat Retention

In our imaginings, the use of a thermal cover will greatly assist in heat retention and in so doing, make the heating of the pool far more effective. The cover itself will add 6-8 degrees to the temperature of the water – in effect you have solar panels directly on the water. The same cover will reduce evaporation by as much as 90 percent and act as a barrier to prevent dirt and other debris from entering the water – keeping the pool clean for the home owner and guests.

PowerPlastics Pool Covers prides itself on supplying such solutions and in delivering a product and service which matches your pool. Thermal covers are supplied in both blue and black and can be fitted to all shapes of pool.

If Safety Is Of Concern

If safety is of concern, the new Solid Safety Cover, available in blue and beige, is the most sophisticated solution. The Solid Safety Cover has taken the effort out of fitting the old fashioned hooks and eyelets cover and makes use of a lightweight structure of aluminium poles and ratchets. The result is an elegant solution and no unsightly holes around the pool coping or the paving area around the pool.

A roll-up PowerPlastics station is used to store a pool cover when the pool is in use.

Swimming Pool Style Cover

At the top of the range, this company supplies the Starline Roldeck automatic pool cover, seen in the two photographs above. Designed for ease of living, this stylish cover will enhance the value of any home and it is installed to become an integral part of the pool structure itself. This aspirational swimming pool style cover oozes style and is available in white, blue, grey and translucent blue.

Why create a masterpiece of a pool and entertainment area and leave the job unfinished?

This Is An Essential Piece Of Equipment For Your Inground Pool Cover To Make Life Easier

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