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How to Open Your Pool in Spring.

In many parts of the world, including North America and the United Kingdom, we have to close our swimming pools during fall and then open them again in spring. The implications of this opening and closing, leads to the fact that having closed our pools we need to get them back into shape when we open them up, so that we can start swimming again. And if we don’t do it right, we can find ourselves faced with a really nasty phenomenon known as swimming pool pH bounce. The problem is that pH bounce is very common in newly opened pools.

Even though we generally close our pools, and therefore prevent all that muck and debris getting into the water while we ignore our pools, the water isn’t going to look after itself. If you can, it’s a good idea to test your water every now and then during winter and to both circulate and chlorinate it.

Of course many people prefer to get a swimming pool service company to help them. Then if swimming pool pH bounce happens, you can rest assured that they will take care of it without any lasting ill effects.

What is Swimming Pool pH bounce?

It’s all got to do with proper water balance. First off the pH of the water needs to be right. This is what tells you how alkaline or acid your water is. Ideally the pH needs to be neutral (not acid or alkaline). Then you need to be sure that the TA (or total alkalinity) is right. This is basically the measure of how water can stand up to a change in pH. If the TA is too low, that’s when you get swimming pool pH bounce and the pH readings will literally “bounce” in and out of the correct range whenever you try to balance your water. If TA is too low, you’ll also find it difficult to adjust the pH of the water to neutral.

If your water was properly balanced when you shut down for winter, your spring swimming pool opening shouldn’t present any unusual problems. But if you gave your pool the cold shoulder when winter arrived last time around, you might have a bit of a problem now. And don’t ever forget that it costs more to rectify problems in a neglected pool than it does to maintain it.

There is no getting away from the fact that when you open up your pool after winter, there are a whole lot of issues that you are going to have to face. These start with murky water and more often than not end up with pool owners spending a whole lot of money getting equipment fixed to make sure their water doesn’t stay murky.

Unfortunately it is also true that because we have to go the route of winter swimming pool closing, swimming pool pH bounce is one of those eternal issues that come back to haunt us whenever it comes to opening the pool again.

This gets back to the importance of having properly balanced water to prevent the possibility of swimming pool pH bounce.




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