Pool Winterizing is Important – 6 tips

Pool Winterizing ice

Winterizing your Swimming Pool

For many people having a swimming pool is something they can only enjoy at certain times of the year. It may be too cold for most of the winter months to be able to swim in it comfortably. Properly winterizing your swimming pool will help ensure it is ready to go again for you when the warmer time of year rolls around once again. Follow these 6 tips below.

Emptying your Pool costs Money

Some people completely remove the water from their swimming pool. Winterizing your pool like this can be very expensive when you consider the volume of water being wasted. A better alternative is to save the water in it properly. That is the route to take if you think there will be some warm spells during the winter when you may actually get to spend some time in the swimming pool.

The First Step to Winterizing

You will want to clean your swimming pool out very well as the first step to winterizing it. Remove all of the dirt and debris from it. Take the time to check the filter and the pump as well. Remove debris from the filters and check for signs of leaks, damage, or other issues that you may need to take care of over the winter months in order to enjoy your pool again.

What about Chemicals?

There are special chemicals you can add to the water in order to prepare it for winter. They include chlorine, powder, and alkalizer. Make sure you only buy quality products to ensure they work as they should.

Where to Buy Pool Chemicals

You can get them at any reputable pool supply location. Winterizing kits are available and you can also buy them online but take the time to evaluate the benefits that they offer based upon the reviews by other consumers.

To save money on such supplies, look into buying complete swimming pool winterizing kits. They will contain all of the materials you need to accomplish this feat. You will also find that it is less expensive than buying each of the items you need separately. Make sure you read all of the directions when using such products though.

For example some of them require your swimming pool filter to remain turned on for a length of time. Not paying attention to these directions can result in your products not working as effectively as they should to protect your swimming pool. If you will be removing some water from the pool for winter you should only do so after the chemicals have been added to the water.

Swimming Pool Covers

Place a sturdy cover over the water in the swimming pool as well. This will prevent debris from building up in the water including dirt and leaves. You also don’t want water from rain and snow to get into the swimming pool. It can create layers of ice that will melt and create a mess for you when it does. The pool covers need to be a good fit. It also needs to be very secure to fight off strong winds. If there is heavy rain or snowfall you don’t want it to give in because of it.

There are manual pool covers you can use that will need to be put into place. This is generally a job for a couple of people to accomplish. If it is possible that you will be using the swimming pool at times in the winter you may want to get an electric tarp cover. With the touch of a button it can be put into place and then retracted. While they are pricey you will find them to be well worth the investment .

Store your Pipes and Hoses

You will need to remove the filter hoses from the swimming pool. Store them in a cool and dry area. You don’t want them to get too cold or they will end up cracking. Then you will have to replace them when you are ready to use your swimming pool again. If you will be using the pool during winter then you can leave them in place. It is a good idea though to invest in insulated ones so they will be well protected regardless of the elements.

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