pool cover to save energy

A blue thermal cover is rolled out over the water while the pool is not in use. These covers will heat pool water by 6–8 degrees C and so help conserve energy. This type of cover will also help save water as evaporation is dramatically reduced when they are in use. Pools also lose heat overnight and through wind action, and whether your pool is heated mechanically or not, a thermal cover will prevent the water temperature from dropping by as much as 80 percent.

Swimming Pool Owners Can Help Reduce The
Impact of Electricity Load Shedding

The Eskom crisis, which lead to widespread load shedding several years ago highlighted the need for us to cut back on excessive use of electricity. Power supply is still a national issue, even though the Western Cape was hardest hit when massive load shedding took place during February and March, and then again in June and July of 2006. It’s never been as bad again … or not yet!

Consequently the urgent need for all of us to reduce power consumption was highlighted, to help Eskom avoid inconvenient and disruptive load shedding. Even if Eskom is able to supply our growing need for electricity, we, as individuals, need to manage our environmental footprint and reduce our impact on the earth’s resources.

Do you consume vast quantities of water, vast quantities of fuel or vast amounts of electricity? If so, do you think you could tread a little lighter and waste a little less?

How Swimming Pool Owners Can Save Energy

As pool owners we can play an important role. For instance, a pool pump can use as much as 12 percent of the total power used by a household. This source of domestic energy consumption is often ignored, simply because the pool pump is not generally thought of as a machine which consumes electricity. More often than not it is left to automatically click into operation for six to twelve hours every day. But if we run our pool pumps for fewer hours each day, and avoid running them during peak hours (7 am–10 am and 5 pm–10 pm), we can save energy and money without affecting our lifestyle.

Solid Safety Cover - Pool Cover-up to Save Energy
A solid pool cover, designed to retain heat, reduce evaporation of water and keep the pool and its water clean.

In addition, by covering your swimming pool you will find that you can reduce the running time of the pool pump to about one hour a day. If your pool is heated, a cover will also help retain heat, and less power will be used.

During winter, pool owners who cover their swimming pools will find that this is an ideal opportunity to reduce the pump running time. Apart from reducing pump usage, a cover will keep the pool clean and save on chemicals. In summer, a pool cover can reduce evaporation by up to 90 percent – once again saving water and money.

There are several types of pool cover available to suit a variety of needs.The most user-friendly and cost effective type is the thermal blanket which will heat your pool water by up to 8 degrees C.

This article originally appeared in the September 2006 issue of NSPI Swimming Pools & Spas and was supplied by PowerPlastics.






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