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Load Shedding – 6 Ways To Help Beat This

avoid load shedding with pool covers

A new generation solid pool cover from PowerPlastics will keep your children safe and it will also help you do your bit in avoiding load shedding.

Cut Down on Your Electricity Usage to Avoid Power Outages

With Electric Supply Companies threatening to reintroduce power outages more regularly, there is an urgent need to cut back on power consumption and reduce the risks and so avoid inconvenient and disruptive power cuts.

Reduce Energy Use and Prevent Load Shedding

Wherever possible it is best to reduce usage of power where there will be a limited or minimal effect on our lifestyle. A fact that is widely overlooked is that a swimming pool pump can consume as much as 12 percent of a household’s total power usage. Not only is this an important cost factor, but it is also a way in which savings may be effected without affecting your lifestyle.

So what can you do To Prevent Load Shedding?

Instead of leaving your pool pump to automatically click into operation for six to twelve hours a day, run your pump outside of peak hours. Set the filter pump in an off-peak time between 10 am and 5 pm, or between 11 pm and 7 am. Use a pool cover and reduce the pump running time by up to an hour a day.

Pool covers are very environmentally friendly and you will gain the following benefits:

  1.   The cover will keep your pool clean.
  2.   The cover will save on electricity used for circulating water unnecessarily.
  3.   You will be able to reduce the time you run your filter and so extend its lifespan.
  4.   A pool cover will help to retain heat in the pool water.
  5.   A pool cover will save on chemical usage as chlorine evaporates in the sun, and so save you money.
  6.   In summer a pool cover will reduce water evaporation by the sun, saving water and money.

The most user-friendly and cost effective cover to use on a pool is a thermal blanket pool cover, but there are other types of covers available suiting a variety of needs.

There are various pool covers available, including thermal covers that can effectively heat the water by six to eight degrees Centigrade, ensuring greater usage of your pool. Also look out for Solid Safety Covers, a new generation of safety cover that will also childproof your pool with minimum hassle.

It’s a no brainer really: cover your pool and help us to avoid power outages.

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