Chocolate brown quartz pool

Chocolate box. Chocolate Brown Quartzite creates an unusual effect in this  striking swimming pool. The raised deck alongside the pool is the perfect place for sunbathing, relaxing or even entertaining; it can also be used by those wishing to dangle their legs in the water.

Quartz Pool Coating:
A Small Ingredient That Makes a Big Difference

Quartz pool fire finish - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
All fired up. A stunning and unusual flushdeck pool plastered with firewater (red) Quartzite.

Tiny balls  of color-coated quartz are the key ingredient of this 21st century pool surfacing product.

Known as quartzite, it is based on technology that was developed in the United States and Australia, but which is now used in other parts of the world, including South Africa. In essence, it is a quality, exposed aggregate pool surfacing plaster which uses quartz to create a beautifully smooth, colorful pool interior finish. Tiny, round pieces of quartz, no bigger than the dot made by a ballpoint pen, are coated with different colored, chemical and ultra violet light-resistant resins in the factory. These are then blended with premium cement and special additives to create a pre-mixed product, ready for the pool builder to use.

“Quartz-based products are used extensively in both Australia and America,” says a spokesman for Quartzite South Africa. “After years of research, we have adapted what is available in those countries to suit our local conditions. The result is a material of unequalled strength and color tones which is comfortable on the feet. and easy to maintain.”

He explained that Quartzite is trowelled on in the usual way, but acid-washed after 24 hours to remove the cement face and expose the grains of colored quartz.

“Even though it is a cementitious plaster product, you are left with a stone, rather than a cementitious, finish,” he said. “The advantage of this is that water management is simplified because the surface is much tougher and more durable. You can also use an automatic pool cleaner within a week of filling the pool; whereas you need to wait four to six weeks when the pool is plastered in the traditional manner.
Quartz hardness - Coating a Pool with Quartz ColorThe Moh’s Mineral Hardness Scale compares the hardness of natural minerals, illustrating just how tough quartz is (see below).
“When soft marble (3.0) is replaced by hard quartz (7.0) which is literally harder than steel (5.5), the resulting mix is much more durable than conventional plaster, which is approximately a 4.0.

“Quartzite offers unbeatable performance to pool finishes by combining the strength of quartz with their proprietary coloring process.”

Mid blue quartz pool - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
Singing the blues. The rich, deep color of Mid Blue Quartzite is guaranteed to give any pool an instant Mediterranean feel. The flushdeck design, with the water level at the same height as the Quartzite surround, is mirrored by straight, clean lines around flower beds.

Quartzite colors are varied and include a selection of blues and greens, as well as black and white (ivory), browns and even red. Colors may also be blended to create tonal or marbled effects.

If Quartzite is not available where you are then a fresh coat of Swimming Pool paint could be your answer

**NOTE: This paint featured below comes in 5 different colors to suit your pool.

419DsSGf+EL - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
See larger image
Additional Images514G rlZCuL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
41iWo+cmZLL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
61cGHaSqKbL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
51GpLkd+umL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
61ot49rMROL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
51YpAmhrGvL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
51qb2LK1ZiL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
51V04XGQhCL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
51iksCT aAL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
51GeD0LlspL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
51+htHdswxL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color
51sRuRUlOHL. SL75  - Coating a Pool with Quartz Color

INSL-X WR101909A-01 Waterborne, Semi-Gloss Pool Paint, 1 Gallon, Aquamarine (Tools & Home Improvement)


  • Aquamarine Waterborne Acrylic emulsion swimming pool paint
  • Use with fresh or saltwater swimming pools.
  • Quick-drying acrylic swimming pool paint.
  • Lasting color and protection in black, white, aquamarine, royal blue, and ocean blue pool paint.
  • Can be applied over most types of properly prepared existing pool paints.
  • Ideal for bare concrete, marcite, gunite & pools made of other masonry.
  • Before painting, review the INSL-X Waterborne Pool Painting Guide for proper preparation and application tips.

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