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A Clean Pool With 3 Easy Troubleshooting Tips

A Clean pool that sparkles

3 Top Tips for Maintaining a Sparkling Clean Pool

Information Supplied by BioGuard – USA, SA, Australia 

Eye and Skin Irritations and that Horrible Chlorine Smell

This is a sure way to ruin everyone’s fun – and invite trouble later. But why does it happen?

  • Your pH was, or is, too low. Test and see, then adjust your pool water with BioGuard Balance Pak 200 to get a clean pool
  • Irritation or odor persists. Water-soluble swimmer wastes may have been building up in your pool. In that case add BioGuard Burn Out.

Cloudy Water

What to do to get a clean pool depends on the cause.

  • Chemical residue. You’re routinely using a chlorine that does not dissolve completely and leaves residues. If so, switch to one of the fully soluble stabilised chlorines from BioGuard.
  • Swimmer wastes. There’s a build-up of these water-soluble wastes. In that case, remove them with BioGuard Burn Out.
  • Poor filtration and circulation. Check the operation and main-tenance of the pump and filter. Chemically clean the filter sand with Strip Kwik.
  • Particulate matter. Small particles pass right through the filter. A dose of Polysheen Blue or Super Blue Clarifier will make it easier for the filter to remove particles and bring back the sparkle.

Colored Water

Your pool water should be a clear blue. Any tinges of discoloration can be a sign of trouble.

  • Green water can be caused by algae, poor filtration, improper pH, copper, or small amounts of iron.
  • Reddish-brown or grey water can be caused be manganese and larger amounts of iron tint water reddish-brown and gray.
  • Getting the color out. For green water, test for pH, make necessary adjustments, and use the proper algaecide if necessary. If metals are present, add BioGuard Pool Magnet to tie up metal deposits and remove discolouration. Run the filter 24 hours a day until the condition clears. The addition of BioGuard Sparkle Up can aid in the removal of metals and improve filtration.


When you see them, you already have about 30 million algae per ounce of pool water. Time to bring on the BioGuard heavies and get yourself a clean pool.

    • Green floating algae. Use Burn Out and BioGuard Algae All or Algae Killer.
    • Black algae which cling to walls, floors, and cracks in the pool’s finish. Use BioGuard Banish Algicide or Algae Killer.
    • Mustard-coloured algae which is resistant to chlorine. It brushes off easily but quickly returns. Use BioGuard Banish Algicide.
    • Prevention. Keep algae away with regular preventative treatments of BioGuard Back Up Algae Inhibitor.

In severe cases, a second treatment may be needed.

For A Clean Pool NOTE:

  • Always add algaecides according to label directions for a clean pool.
  • The day after treatment you should be able to vacuum your pool crystal clear.
  • When using chemicals, always follow manufacturer’s label directions precisely and use exact quantities specified. Never mix chemicals together unless directions to say to.
  • When applying chemicals, add chemicals to water – don’t add water to chemicals. Follow all handling and storage directions carefully.
  • In addition to the Test strip, you can also compare your test strip to the side of the test strip canister, or use the HTH Test to Swim app to determine your results.
  • For pools 10,000gals/37,800lit and up, add a new 3” chlorinating tablet to your floater, skimmer or feeder every week; for smaller pools, look for 1” chlorinating tablets, chlorinating granules or liquid chlorine.
  • Be sure to wait 24 hours after applying a shock product to add algaecide to your pool. Remember algaecide is not just for killing existing algae; adding algaecide also prevents algae from forming – which will save you a lot of hassle through the season.
  • Your maintenance routine might take you around 20 minutes every week, and it’ll pay off with healthy swimming conditions all summer long.

    Algae, especially the green, mustard and black algae must be the most daunting thing to find in your pool on any day. But these guys from BioGuard have developed, with many years of research, a product that will give results within 24 hours.
    Best algaecide out there.” is one of the many reviews for this so we can recommend this algaecide.

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