How to Understand Pool Terminology

Pool-Speak - Pool Terminology 101 What Those Words & Phrases Mean. Does pool terminology sound like gobbledygook to you when you are discussing anything about your pool or spa with your pool guy or supplier? Well...
pool opening

Spring Pool Opening

How to Open Your Pool in Spring. In many parts of the world, including North America and the United Kingdom, we have to close our swimming pools during fall and then open them again in...
clean indoor spa

Look After Your Hot Water Spa

Your Hot Water Spa is Easy to Look After Thinking of installing or building a hot water spa? If so, you'll be pleased to find out that a hot water spa is low maintenance. With...
A beautiful clean and clear pool maintained with a test kit

Keep Your Pool Water Clean With a Test Kit

Ten Minutes a Week is all it Takes to Keep Your Swimming Pool Water Clean with a Test Kit To the new pool owner, terminology like pH, calcium hardness, total alkalinity (TA) and chlorine residual might suggest the...
Troubleshoot your spa and make it healthy & clean

Troubleshooting Your Spa

Troubleshooting For Spas. Having a problem with your spa? This table will give you the possible problem and description with the cause and then offer a solution.  

Save Energy & Save Your Environment

Save energy to save money. Typical mid-income households spend $100 to $200 on electricity every month using between 750 and 1,000 units or kilowatt-hours (kWh). Source: Most households could easily save 20–30 percent of...
Save pool water

How Pool Owners Can Save Water

How to save Water and Avoid Costly Water Bills This Summer. It pays pool owners to save water. Not only will you be doing your bit for conservation, but you will also prevent costly water...
avoid load shedding with pool covers

One Way to Help Beat Power Outages

A new generation solid pool cover from PowerPlastics will keep your children safe and it will also help you do your bit in avoiding load shedding. Cut Down on Your Electricity Usage to Avoid Power...
pool makeover after picture

Mammoth Pool Makeover in the Desert

Huge Hotel Swimming Pool Makeover in Just Four Days The pool at the elite Royal Mirage Hotel in Dubai was built in 2001 and finished using Cemcrete’s PoolCrete, a brilliant product that has added a new element to...
a clean healtyh swimming pool

Keys to Healthy, Clean Water Management

These are the Key points to a Healthy, Clean Water Management. These outlines, in simple terms, are the steps necessary to ensure that your swimming pool has healthy, clean water and remains sparkling clear all...
Clean pool that sparkles

Troubleshooting Tips For a Clean Pool

Tips for Maintaining a Sparkling Clean Pool Information Supplied by BioGuard - USA, SA, Australia  Eye and Skin Irritations and that Horrible Chlorine Smell This is a sure way to ruin everyone’s fun – and invite trouble later....

Understand Stabilized Chlorine and Chlorine Lock

Myths of Pool Care and What You Need to Know About Stabilised Chlorine and Chlorine Lock For swimming pool water to be hygienically safe for swimmers, it must be properly sanitized. Chlorine, available in different forms, remains...
Water analysis to keep pool clean

Water Analysis Goes High-tech

A well balanced pool with clean, clear, sparkling water that mirrors the sea and the sky on a bright sunny day. A hand packed concrete construction. High-tech Water Analysis for Your Pool Kathryn Alexander discovers...
Salt water pool

The Salt of the Earth

As if inspired by the sea, a salt water chlorinator helps keep this stunning rim flow swimming pool fresh and sparkling clean all year round. Hand packed concrete construction lined with fiberglass. Salt Water Pools...

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